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About Us

Velaphanda assists organisations with transformation challenges in an ambiguous and rapidly changing business environment. Its unique and innovative business model utilises a pool of highly skilled professionals that offer a combination of intellectual capital and consulting flexibility. A balance between multi-disciplinary experience, excellent track records and post-graduate academic and/or technical qualifications, guarantee the significant skills levels of its professionals. Velaphanda’s comprehensive pool of resources is considered for each project, after which a suitable consulting / project team is selected based on the specific needs of the customer.

Proven methodologies are customised to ensure a balance between the customer's clients, products, employees and technology solutions. Velaphanda’s holistic consulting approach ensures that all areas of the business are considered when customer solutions are developed. Continuous international benchmarking and research ensure competitive resourcing and management consulting solutions.

The adoption of new technology in the South African market seems no longer to be driven by the desire to have the “latest and greatest”. Insteadthe mantra is if it saves money or leverages an existing investment in new and more efficient ways, then it is worth buying.  
It is with this focus and mindset that we at Velaphanda Solutions will attend to our customers’ requirements.

We have a passion and determination to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels.

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